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Finding the perfect mattress is really important, after all we do spend one-third of our lives in bed. Inspirations Living understand the importance of a good night sleep. Whether you’re looking for an open coil mattress or a pocket sprung we have a wide range to suit your individual needs. Our mattresses have a range of different fillings from natural to memory foam to suit your requirements. Our sales team are on hand to answer any questions.

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Combines innovative technology with top-quality fillings to provide the highest levels of comfort and support. Each Breasley mattresses is vacuum-packed for easy setup and transport. Just unwrap, sit back and let your mattress expand.

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Loren Williams

Everyone’s dreams are unique, just like everyone’s sleep preferences. Our sleep experts have therefore designed each of our products to have their own characteristics and benefits – confident that there’s something for everyone.

Loren Williams is for those who don’t accept the status quo. It’s for the ambitious, the innovators, trendsetters, the adventurous – and above all else – those who wake up ready to chase their dreams.

So, whatever your dreams, take control, set no boundaries and achieve more with Loren Williams.

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