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Tencel 1500

Looking for a mattress that provides the perfect balance of support and comfort? Look no further than the Tencel™ 1500 Mattress. It features zoned pocket springs, which provide targeted support where you need it most. Plus, natural cotton and wool fillings create a comfortable sleeping surface, while a natural soft latex layer provides edge-to-edge support for a restful night’s sleep. So no matter what position you sleep in, you’ll be sure to get a good night’s rest on this mattress. **Medium-Firm Feel


1,500 Pocket Springs This mattress provides total support to follow the contours of your body with its 1,500 pocket springs, providing ultimate support for a great night’s sleep.

Zoned Pocket SpringsThis mattress features zoned pocket springs to evenly distribute weight. Having different zones in the mattress means you achieve targeted support, offering a more therapeutic sleep. The individual springs are housed in separate fabric pockets for total support, enhancing circulation and alleviating pressure points.

Tencel™ Fabric LayerThe Tencel™ fabric layer is breathable and helps to regulate your body temperature, ensuring you stay cool and comfortable all night.

Natural Cotton & Wool FillingsCotton and Wool are used as soft, cool, and highly breathable natural fillings that dissipate moisture for a fresh sleeping surface. Natural Wool also regulates your body temperature for a more restful night’s sleep, whatever the season.

Natural Soft LatexA natural latex layer provides a highly breathable mattress with clear airflow. Thousands of ventilation holes in the Latex work to regulate body temperature and avoid overheating. Latex is also naturally dust-mite resistant and antimicrobial. An open cell pinhole structure allows it to flex and breathe naturally.

Edge to Edge SupportA premium mattress with real edge-to-edge support is the perfect solution for getting a great night’s sleep. The Tencel™ 1,500 model has two rows of firmer springs positioned around its outer edge, this essentially acts as an encasement around the frame of the mattress. This design provides additional support and stability along with a larger sleep surface, ensuring a more comfortable and relaxing sleep experience.

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