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Comfort Vacuum Mattress  

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Uno Comfort Memory Pocket 1000 Firm Mattress


24cm Deep Foam **Firm Feel

From £299

Mattress Specification 

Breasley Comfort Memory Pocket 1000 Firm Mattress

  • 24cm deep mattress

  • High-density support base and surface foam

  • Firm tension 1000 pocket springs are lined within the core for enhanced performance

  • Ortho comfort foam (5.5cm) is firmer to provide enhanced comfort and support for a deeper, more refreshing night’s sleep

  • A base layer of memory foam (40mm) adapts to your body’s millions of micro pressure points for enhanced pressure relief

  • A base layer of support foam (2.5cm) provides a foundation of firm, reliable support

  • Removable cover

  • 5-year guarantee

  • Made in UK

  • Fast Delivery

  • Delivered vacuum packed for ease and convenience

Memory Foam Benefits

  • Benefits of memory foam

  • Relives pressure

  • Supports spine alignment

  • Ideal for all sleeping positions

  • Super motion absorption

  • Body hugging comfort

Mattress Core

Uno Contour Foam  

Our Uno Contour Foam is designed to provide support and comfort for you whilst you sleep, helping you to wake more refreshed. It's specially contoured to help provide relief at your body's core pressure points.
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