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Carrissa Mattress

Inspirations are proud to stock the Carrissa mattress from La Romantica. Not only is this mattress affordable but also comfortable with a firmer feel and its luxury filings. Carrissa mattress is 10” deep and covered with a beautiful knitted cover. This mattress features air vents for breathability and handles for easy turn.



Open coil: Yes

Turnable: Yes

Stretched Knitted Fabric: Yes

Varies Sizes Available: Yes


  • Medium/Firm Support
  • Luxuty Knitted Fabric
  • Micro quilted cover
  • Orhopaedic support

Carrissa Mattress

  • Small Single W:75cm L:190cm D:25.5cm
    Single W:90cm L:190cm D:25.5cm
    Small Double W:120cm L:190cm D:25.5cm
    Double W:135cm L:190cm D:25.5cm
    King W:150cm L:200cm D:25.5cm
    Super King W:180cm L:200cm D:25.5cm


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